15-Day Journaling Challenge

15 days + 15 journal prompts = More creativity & mindfulness

Why journal?

In April 2019, I adopted a daily journaling habit. At first, I didn’t think much of it. I knew I wanted to get better at maintaining consistent habits, and journaling seemed like an easy way to hold myself accountable for one small daily task, that I was mostly doing anyways.

After 30-days of consistent daily, future self journaling, I learned a few things about myself. I wrote about those things, here.

After writing that post, I got hundreds of comments and messages asking me about my journaling practice. I got a lot of feedback from followers and email subscribers wanting to learn more about how I stay consistent.

But the truth is that the consistency didn’t last. After about 90-days, I lost motivation and got bored with the way I was journaling.

I started searching for prompts that would reignite that spark that I first had with the future-self journaling, and created this challenge as a way to share those prompts and hopefully inspire (or re-inspire) others to get back into the habit of daily journaling as a healing practice.

What to expect in the challenge

It’s simple. Enter your email address in the bar above, and go check your inbox. Some email providers are sensitive, so if it’s not there, you might want to check the spam folder.

In your inbox, you’ll find the first journal prompt. Spend as much time as you want answering the prompt.

Do it your way.

Some people prefer to type because it lets them get as many thoughts out as quickly as possible. Some people like to put literal pen to paper because it invokes a sense of nostalgia or safety being able to feel the words hit the paper.

It’s your time. Be present, savor the moment and don’t hold back.

Once you’re done with prompt 1, reflect back on what you wrote, or don’t. You can use the journal as a way to express bottled up feelings or emotions, or as a way to organize your thoughts so that you can make more sense of them.

Again, it’s your time and your choice to follow a process that appeals most to you.

You’ll get one new prompt every day for 15 days.

**Just FYI, joining this challenge automatically adds you to my email list. Once the challenge is over, you will also start to receive my weekly newsletter about personal development, and self-healing. But don’t worry, if you hate it, you always have the option to unsubscribe. Your inbox is a sacred space and I’d hate to show up to the party uninvited.