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Hiring a Freelance Writer: What To Know Before Hiring

I’ve been on both sides of the table when it comes to hiring freelance writers. Before I transitioned into writing full time, I worked on marketing teams who hired freelance writers and even managed a staff of writers and editors. As a manager hiring a freelance writer, I made a lot of mistakes. I expected […]

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June 11, 2019

6 Easy Ways To Find Your Flow When Working Remotely

Let’s see if you can relate to this scenario. You wake up, set goals and intentions, and are ready to start the day. Then it’s time to get down to work and the decisions you have to make slowly eat away at that early morning momentum which turns into an afternoon of panic followed by […]

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May 30, 2019

How I’m Curating My Own Instagram Experience

I keep trying (and failing) to quit Instagram. Now I’m taking back control of my experience on the app. I’m hopelessly addicted to Instagram. Every time I try to quit, I relapse. hard. This article was originally going to be titled. “How I finally quit instagram” I’ve started writing it several times. Usually a few days […]

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May 20, 2019

I’ve Been Approaching Mentorship All Wrong

A few years ago, when I was on the verge of making a career shift, I was presented with the idea of finding a mentor. Everyone I talked to could attribute their success to other successful people in their circles that they leaned on and learned from. Being the logical and action-oriented person I am, […]

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May 16, 2019

A Content Marketer’s Guide To Publishing On Medium

Marketing tools come and go; this can make it difficult for marketers to know which platforms to prioritize and which ones are just a passing trend. Nowadays, with long-form content dominating SEO rankings, brands are jumping on the chance to create longer content to promote their ideas and establish themselves as thought-leaders in their industries. […]

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April 30, 2019

How My Life Changed After 30 Days of ‘Future-Self’ Journaling

I was and still am a skeptic of manifestation and visualization tactics. Mostly because I see people using them as a type of “hack.” A way to make them feel good about themselves and their future without ever taking any real action beyond writing down the things that they want. My cynicism would tell me […]

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April 18, 2019

5 Apps That Boost Mindfulness & Ease Distractions

If you spend time reading an article about productivity instead of being productive, is that time well spent? If you answered yes, that’s great! Learning to be productive is a skill itself that takes practice and consistency to master. As a working person in 2018, you already have your go-to apps for managing your days. […]

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April 1, 2019

Should you start a podcast in 2019?

It seems like everyone (and their grandma) started a podcast this year. And for a good reason. This year, 64% of Americans listened to at least one podcast. They keep you entertained on long flights and daily commutes and offer a real reason to keep your headphones in so strangers on the train don’t talk […]

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December 26, 2018

What Is Domain Authority And Should You Care?

Domain authority - A term you may or may not have heard before. If you’re a startup or new to the SEO industry, it raises the questions; what is it and is it essential to my business? In the simplest terms, domain authority is the ranking of your website compared to your competition. You can […]

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November 13, 2018

4 Types of Off-Page Content That Will Increase Website Traffic

What is off-page content? Things that you create and post on your website to engage your audience is considered on-site content. However, if your site is relatively new and doesn’t get as much traffic as you would like it to, you can still create valuable content in other places with the goal of building an […]

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November 1, 2018
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