My Story

Let’s start at the beginning….

I was born at 8:26am in Long Beach Memorial Hospital on the….

You know what…too far. Let’s TLDR that part.

I was born in Long Beach California to Lebanese immigrants.

My family is loud and eats a lot of hummus and labneh.

In grade school, my family said “see ya” to the west coast and we settled down in good old Richmond, Va.

RVA was my home for the next 20 years.

I went to Virginia Commonwealth University x2 and left with a Master’s in Strategic Communication and an absurd amount of student loan debt.

Like most college grads, I saw my life in a series of milestones.

Graduate high school , graduate college, get a job, eventually get a promotion, buy a house, etc.

Right after graduating I landed a job as a marketing manager at a software company.

I worked from 8-5 in a 6X6 office with no windows or circulation.

Three years later, I said “I’m bored” and handed in a 2 week notice.

A few weeks later I boarded a plane to Europe and a few months later I was on the road driving cross-country from DC to San Francisco.

Life was great.

I got to ride in a hot air balloon over Sedona at sunrise.

Then, as it happens when you don’t have an income for 6 months, I ran out of money.

A few applications and interviews later, I found myself working at an architecture firm as a marketing coordinator. It was a decent time for about two years, but not at all fulfilling.

(if you think millennials are entitled brats who don’t know how good they have it then you should stop reading right now because you’re going to hate the rest of this story).

I handed in my notice, moved back in with my parents and google “how to work from home while traveling the world.”

Original right?

Well, it worked.

In 2017, I flew 10,244 miles from home to Bali, Indonesia to learn how to work for myself while traveling the world. 

I spent two weeks there and little did I know it would be the start of my “journey” to leave where I’m from and do something completely out of my comfort zone.

Eight months later and exactly one freelance client later, I packed up a suitcase and boarded a one-way flight.

Turns out, one client is all I needed to live comfortably for a few months in Southeast Asia.

This is what my office looks like these days.

What do I do?

After leaving my marketing job, I took an inventory of the things the skills that I have and the things that I actually enjoy doing. One word consistently came up.


I love writing and telling stories.

And that’s how I spend my days now. I combine my marketing skills with my writing skills to write high-quality content and copy for clients in a bunch of industries.

A lot of people say to niche down, but my favorite part about freelance writing is how often I get to learn new things.

Topics I’ve written about for clients include:

  • Remote Work
  • Social Media
  • Weddings
  • WordPress
  • Productivity
  • Appliances
  • Podcasts
  • and architecture

…just to name a few.

My clients are pretty happy. A lot of them say things like this:

Now, in addition to creating and managing content for clients, I write and publish my own content on Medium a few times per week.

Medium is where I write about whatever I want.

I love it.

Here are some of my favorite things I’ve written:

​It’s pretty cool. I get a lot of great feedback like this:

and this…

One of my favorite side projects is my weekly newsletter sharing where I share updates, things I like, things I’m working on and things I’m learning that I just really need to share.