6 Industries That Need Video Content | Sarah Aboulhosn

6 industries that need video content

Regardless of industry, most businesses want to grow, right? Well, one way for a business to grow is to improve their marketing strategy and make more sales by connecting with their audience and adding value and trust.

Most of the time, more trust turns into more sales and more creative freedom to grow your business. Different strategies work differently for different businesses and industries. That goes without saying but I’m saying it anyway.

But one strategy that is currently dominating the marketing world across so many different industries is video content. Videos are producing results are a rate that isn’t specific to one niche or audience type.

In fact, over half of marketers who are using videos in their marketing strategies say that video content has produced the highest conversions and returns on investment than any other type of content that they’ve tried.

In the past, video marketing was reserved for companies with high marketing budgets, but as camera phones and editing software become more readily available, the costs of filming and producing quality content are less of a barrier.

You’re intrigued, right?

You should be. At this rate, video content will surely be the marketing strategy of the future

These six industries have high hopes for the returns on their video content and have already seen growth from creating high-quality videos to market to their audiences.


Fitness is a highly visual niche. So why would you demonstrate something like a pull-up with static images, when you could prop up your phone, talk through an actual pull-up and give your audience a hands-on look at the techniques you use.

The health and fitness niche is booming and influencers have taken it upon themselves and cracked the code on the right ways to engage their audience with video content. Health and fitness content can spread across so many different sub-niches as well.

I know you’ve seen those Buzzfeed Tasty ariel videos and watched 27 recipes in a row. That’s an example of great content that is valuable to the audience.

Travel and Hospitality

Who doesn’t like traveling? Ok, I’m sure there are people who don’t like travel, but what’s better for them to feel like their exploring without even having to leave their house than with a well-made travel video.

You don’t need access to drones or fancy equipment to show off the beauty of your favorite travel destinations. The travel industry is getting more and more creative by crowdsourcing content from their social media followers to convey the real experiences people have at specific hotels and lodging in different companies.

Partnering with popular influencers and giving them creative control over the content is a great way to source your videos from people who are actually out spending time in the places you are advertising.

Good travel videos bridge the gap between wanting to go somewhere and being fully immersed in it. They give viewers a taste of the culture and lifestyle and when done correctly, can actually inspire people to book a trip right then and there.

Real Estate

You may have heard that one of the many things millennials are ruining these days is the real estate market. Apparently, young people aren’t so interested in houses anymore. It’s not surprising that the billboards and park bench ads didn’t have much return on investment in the digital age.

To get with the times, real estate agents and companies are turning to videos and virtual tours of homes to promote their listings. And the market is so saturated with unbought homes, the possibilities are endless for creating video content that paints homeownership in a positive and exciting light.

In addition to home tours and design-oriented videos, real estate companies can make the home-buying processes less intimidating by creating explainer videos breaking down the entire process from initial showing to writing that check (who am I kidding, no one uses checks anymore).


People like buying things. People also like buying things based on videos they see. Recently, e-commerce stores have been prioritizing video content because of its high conversion rates and ability to grab people’s attention.  

Especially since Facebook Ads (and main traffic channel of e-commerce brands) has prioritized video content in the news feed. Video ads on Facebook are also normally cheaper per click than text or photo content and generally convert at higher rates.

In addition to on Facebook, email marketing is seeing a huge uptick in the number of conversions and click-throughs on video content in emails.

It also rarely matters what you’re selling. Nearly any product can be demonstrated or talked about on camera. Using your products live and in-action will give your customers a more realistic representation of what you’re selling.

Non-Profits Organizations

The nonprofit sector is always doing amazing things to help local communities and telling stories that touch people’s lives. Video is a great avenue for creative storytelling and can convey the emotion behind specific projects way more than written content.

Nonprofits aim to inspire and inform others, and creating short explainer videos about the mission is a great way to excite people about a specific cause and encourage them to get involved. Since nonprofits are often doing hands-on activities, there are so many opportunities to create video content that promotes the cause.

Regardless of what industry you’re in, if you’re looking to create engaging, high-converting content that’s valuable to your audience, consider creating videos.

So..if you’re not using video, what are you doing?

October 20, 2018