Hi. I'm Sarah.

By day, I’m a content strategist and marketing manager. By later that day, I create content about mindfulness, intentional living, and owning your failures.

The things that fuel me

Sending This newsletter

My favorite project is my weekly(ish) newsletter about growth, failure and healing. It’s raw and unfiltered and doesn’t try to sell you things.

Creating free resources

Get access to a variety of free resources on mindfulness, self-healing, and a few  courses content marketing. My favorite is the 15-day Journal Challenge. 

Writing Essays

I publish weekly articles on Medium on a variety of topics. They tend to be personal stories or essays about my experiences, wins and many failures.

My professional life

I have nearly a decade of experience building and managing content teams and marketing strategies. Here is a quick breakdown of the work that I do. For more, details about my career and experience, check out my LinkedIn profile.

Content Strategy

I find out what’s working in your industry and craft a content strategy that makes a business competitive and takes a unique voice and point of view. 

Content Management

I manage the entire content process start to finish. This includes managing a content team, hiring writers, and build a content strategy that meets the businesses goals.

Marketing Consulting

While content is my expertise, I have over a decade of experience helping marketing teams find the right channels to promote growth within their business. 

Companies & publications I’ve worked with include…

You can check out all of my guest posts and writing features, here.